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Oct 9 2013, 06:54 PM

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<center><div class="lorde-back">
<div class="lorde-name">Three 6 Mafia</div>
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<div class="lorde-inner">
<div class="lorde-title">we'll never be royals</div>
<div class="lorde-subtitle">drug dealers. 'nuff said.</div>
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<table><tr vAlign="top">
<td><div class="lorde-simb"><img src=""></div></td>
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<center><div class="lorde-outer"><div style="padding-top:10px;"></div>
<div class="lorde-text">hey all (; sooooo freya here is a little drug lord and she needs her little babies that will deliver all of the drugs for her because she is too busy being all therapy-y and actually trying to succeed in school, so yeah. they can be from any house, they're all open characters, they can be pre-existing characters or characters that you want to make, it's all up to you. basically you all come to freya to get the drugs and deliver them and you get a fair share of the profit.<p>

freya is really nice and she is trying to help people with all of these wonderful drugs and she is also trying to save up money so that she can go to salem witch's institute across the sea to further her education, so she has good intentions. <p>

freya doesn't just need the workers though! if you need drugs, hit her up!!!! she loves clients, whether it's just for the drugs or if it's for the therapy, she likes either. she also provides services to provide alcohol for late night parties and some muggle mary jane. she has good connections ok.<p>

butttttt i'm also looking for a bad boy for freya! someone who's kind of a nutshell that she'll want to crack and get to know. i think it would be cute if it was someone who she tricked into seeing her under the guise of something else and they have this weird kind of relationship where they meet up a lot to discuss stuff and they're both kind of interested in each other but kind of in disbelief of that? idk that's open too. but i mostly want the drug dealers. xoxo.

</div><div class="codesbymerc"><a href="">THANKS</a><a href="">MERC</a></div></center>

Oct 9 2013, 02:00 PM
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freya is a sixth year ravenclaw who is the resident therapist. her mum's a psychiatrist so that's where she gets all of her drugs from (not that she uses them). she a bit of an oddball and she's either quiet or she asks a lot of questions. freya likes to think that she's helping people, so don't tell her otherwise. she's a drug lord. meaning. she will hire you to deliver drugs for her. she only ever directly hands out drugs during her therapy sessions. <br><br>

she's got some friends, though not too many because, like i said, she is a bit weird. she's usually quiet. she doesn't like bullying though so if you bully her she's a bit sassy, but she does stand up for other people too because she simply doesn't stand for it. she's super patient though so there's that. <br><br>

as for enemies, ummm. i guess people don't like her because she's weird. she doesn't really like mean people either so there's that as well, though i wouldn't imagine her having too many enemies tbh because it's not like she's ever really noticed enough to make enemies. <br><br>

as far as lovers go, she loves boys, but she's very quiet and conservative. she doesn't really like to talk about herself. i feel like she'll fall in love with some bad boy that she's tricked into therapy. idk. pretty open. xoxo

brb to finish this eventually. or not.
<a href="" style="font-size: 6px; font-family: calibri; letter-spacing: 3px;">THEONS</a>
Oct 9 2013, 09:45 AM
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<div class="appdescs">katie fogarty. sixteen. ravenclaw.</div>

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"Cell phone? What is that?" Mr. Veuve asked his wife one early afternoon. Freya's mother was a Muggle, but her father was a wizard. Needless to say, she's a Halfblood witch along with her younger sister.<p>

"It makes it so I can talk to you when I'm out," she replied with a laugh.<p>

"How does it work?" Her father asked, though it was obvious that he was as helpless as his four year old daughter, Freya, on figuring out how a Muggle cell phone functioned. "Why do I need it when we can just use our old ways?" he asked.<p>

"Because," his wife answered, "you promised me before we got married that we would try to share both of our worlds, not just yours, dear." Although he was skeptical, Mr. Veuve loved his wife dearly and would not be able to argue -- mainly because she was his wife and he never seemed to be able to win anything when they argued anyway. "As long as it doesn't curse our children," he muttered quietly.<p>

"What was that, darling?" she asked, a playful brow raised.<p>

"Nothing, dear," he said quickly. He briefly recalled how he did indeed promise her that they would share both of their worlds rather than conforming to just one of them so that they would each be comfortable. Besides, her parents still had no idea that their son-in-law was a wizard and they intended to keep it that way, because magic was considered a blasphemy in their minds, though they would know that it was anything but.<p>


"What does that do, papa?" asked eight-year-old Freya, pointing to a giant cauldron as they walked through Diagon Alley. "Can I hide in it?"<p>

"No, Freya, that's a cauldron. You use it to make potions," he answered, "and one day you're going to be needing one, but not until you go to school."<p>

"But I'm already in school," Freya pointed out. Before her father could reitirate what he meant, however, Freya already had another question. "Why are there so many owls here? Do people usually wear long dress things all the time? Why does his face look so pointy?"<p>

Freya had always been the kind of girl to ask questions about the things that she knew nothing about, and now was not any different, though she was sure that her parents often tired of her endless questions, although her questions eventually changed as she got more involved with her mother's side of the family. She was told that she could never let them know about all of the magic, which was why she was not allowed to spend much time with them until she was just a little older and could control it more. Or at least stop asking so many questions about the magical world. She began to have more of an interest in the Muggle world when she was allowed to interact more with -- well, when she was allowed to interact more with Muggles.<p>


Most people, if asked, would most likely say that Freya Veuve wasn't the most normal person at Hogwarts. She was definitely a different kind of girl. She never really talked much -- unless prompted or she spotted something that she didn't really like, like bullying -- she would have rathered watch others and observe them. There was a lot of things that one would notice if they took the time to watch how people reacted around others, which was something that her mother taught her when she was younger. She admired her mother for being able to transition into the wizarding world partially, like when her father's friends and coworkers came over.<p>

Freya was the kind of person that enjoyed to see other people happy, though she did feel a sort of curiosity when people weren't, which was what happened with a lot of people she met when she began attending Hogwarts. Over the course of her first four years, Freya spent a lot of time observing others and wondering about them. She was more curious than anything, if that wasn't obvious enough.<p>


"Can I sit?" asked fourteen year old Freya as she approached the Muggle girl outside of a coffee shop in Bristol. The girl merely nodded in response, but that was enough for her. For a while, the two appeared indifferent to each other, watching as the sun hid behind the clouds and making the sky grow dark. She knew that she just had to be patient.<p>

"Can I ask you something?" asked the other girl, just as Freya knew that she would. She briefly recalled going to primary school with the other girl before she left for Hogwarts, though they had never really been friends. Freya spotted her frequenting the coffee shop earlier in the month and often wondered why she had gone from being so happy to being so sullen since the dawn of the new month.<p>

"Go ahead," Freya replied, looking over at the other girl. She heard her let out a breath as if she had been holding it, awaiting her answer.<p>

"Why do you think bad things happen to good people?" Freya was asked.<p>

"We're all sinners, whether or not we think we're good people -- whether or not we want things to happen to us or not," stated Freya quietly, looking back at the sun. "Bad things happen to bad people too."<p>

"Yeah, but my mum was a really good person. Like really good. She got sick and she's gone and I don't know why, but I want to understand. I know that you probably don't care, but I just...I don't know."<p>

"'S okay. I understand." Freya looked at the girl again. She knew what was wrong now.<p>

If there was anything that Freya understood, it was that people liked to be listened to. Her parents often said that she was wiser than her years, but she didn't think that much. She was just more curious than others and had a tad bit more patience. Her mum inspired her to be the kind of person that cared about people as much as she cared about people, which drove her to want to be something like her when she grew up. It appeared that she had a knack for it. Or something like that.

<div class="appinfo">merc. eighteen. central. pm.</div>

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